What Bread and Games is about

Bread and Games is a project dedicated to creating a better society. On this website, you’ll find analyses, critiques, and ideas on how we might improve the current status quo. And making improvements to our society is sorely needed: capitalist ideologies are causing massive inequalities; social media has us constantly glued to our screens in constant search of the next dopamine hit; democracy is unravelling at the seams around the world; the threat from climate change is looming ever larger.

All of this and more has led to a significant decline in the happiness of people over time. Despite all of our economic growth and technological advancements, we’re arguably not actually any better off. And not only that, but most trends point towards us heading even further in the wrong direction. We therefore need to make sure that we correct course while we still can, and start reconstructing a society that actually makes people happier and better off.

This is where Bread and Games comes in. Any issue that needs to be solved has to start with identifying what the problems. After that, spreading awareness of these issues and providing possible solutions that we might act on are equally as important. Bread and Games attempts to do just that, by taking a critical look at what’s wrong with our current society, and spreading ideas on how we might do better.

Society is ubiquitous, and it affects (and is in turn affected by) nearly everything around us. Topics on Bread and Games will therefore cover a broad range of subjects related to our societal well-being. From social trends to ideological thinking, from politics to economics, and from education to media, anything that is detrimental to our current societies will be discussed. There will be a particular emphasis on challenging dogmatic beliefs, because it’s often the assumptions that take for granted that impede actual progress.

What Bread and Games is not about

The posts on this site are primarily about improving well-being and happiness through tackling societal issues. Self-help, positive psychology, mindfulness and personal mental health are largely outside of the scope of this content (although I may briefly touch upon them here and there). These fields certainly have merit in solving issues at the individual level, but the problems they treat are often symptoms of much larger societal issues. And as the adage from modern medicine goes: prevention is better than the cure. The focus of the content here is therefore oriented towards address the underlying root causes that lower our societal well-being.

About the content on Bread and Games

I make use of Bayesian updating for the content on Bread and Games. That is a fancy way of saying that I might update my ideas as I learn new information. This means that posts published on Bread and Games are constantly in flux, and might be updated or amended to reflect my evolving thinking. If I come across news ideas that I find interesting or worthwhile, I might include them in earlier postings. If I come across evidence that refutes my earlier positions, I might re-write my posts or take them down entirely.

None of this is done in an attempt to deceive, mislead or dupe readers. It is meant to provide my readers with my most up-to-date thinking. I understand that rewriting or updating content might be perceived as backtracking, and perhaps it is. But to me, backtracking on thoughts and ideas signals a new (and hopefully better) understanding of the topic at hand. This is something I believe should be encouraged, and as such I will not hesitate to do so myself.


All views and opinions expressed on Bread and Games are my own and belong solely to myself. They do not represent the positions of any organization that I am affiliated with now, used to be, or will be in the future, unless stated explicitly otherwise. I am not responsible for any content posted in the comment sections of Bread and Games, other than those posted by myself.